S. M. Bjørklund (steinmb) er en Norsk Drupal utvikler, themer og Drupal generalist. For tiden er jeg basert i vakre men regnfulle Bergen.

Drupal 8 introduksjon - Hva er nytt?

Stein Magne Bjørklund (steinmb) BLUG talk

Prøvde i november 2015 å dekke hva Drupal gjør, drupal.org gjør og hva som er nytt i Drupal 8. Ambesiøst for å det mildt. Siden mange ikke hadde så mye Drupal bakgrunn handler den første biten mye om drupal Drupal generellt før det blir dykking inn i Drupal 8. Fant den akkurat på nettet. Var faktisk ikke klar over (eller hadde glemt) at det fantes et opptak av dette.

How to add image caption to your imagefield and imagecache


09.11.2011 - Fixed error in template.php


This how to will to point you the right direction, hell even providing you with an solution to how to add caption to your image fields. No magic, no extra modules. We simply take usage of the title field that is a part of imagefield.

Sogn og Fjordane kulturnett

Sogn og Fjordane kulturnett

My first big Drupal 7 site was up and running in the end of June 2011, http://kulturnett.sfj.no.

Sunnhordaland county libraries

Sunnhordaland county libraries

Sunnhordaland county libraries http://sunnbib.no, is an project that gathers all the local libraries on one single site. The site is not new, but forgot to blog about it, and became live back in January 2011. The core of the system is powered by Drupal 6 and Organic Groups. The site will continue to get developed throughout this year to reach desired visual and UX —goals. This is the first one of three similar library projects.

Norwegian Rural Museum Network

Drupal 6 installation. Nothing special on the front end, then most of the work have been done on site's infrastructure, end user content edition tools, and staff training.


h3>About the project


The Norwegian Rural Museum Network is a state-funded organisation charged with amalgamating the diverse knowledge collections curated by independent Norwegian rural museums into a non-overlapping repository in order to increase efficiency of information exchange.

Sogn og Fjordane Fylkeskommune county library

Sogn og Fjordane Fylkeskommune county library have been running on Drupal 6 for a few months now (I'm just to lazy to update my own web page), and it seems that the end users are very pleased with how the site looks, and the flexibility that Drupal provide. A lot the this site, is based on the work we did on Sogn og Fjordane Fylkeskommune county archives.


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