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Part of the ELMCIP research project for the next two years

I joined the ELMCIP Project in July 2010, and will be busy working on this project for the new two years. This does not mean, that I'm not available for other contract work/projects, but this will reduces my availability by about 10-15%.

New Site - Ådneram Skitrekk

Norwegian family owned ski resort.
Site: - Ådneram Skitrekk, Norway
Released: December 09

New site - Harry Pub

Not a new site actually. Was released in July/August-09.
Does it still lack content? Yes
Did the company go out of business? Yes
Did they remember to pay me? No!

Ny nettside - er en New Zealand basert forskningsstiftelse og de er nå over på laget nytt theme, programering av HTML, CSS, PHP. Satte sammen løsning for deres nåværende og kommene utfordringer basert på underliggende moduler. 90% av innhold fra den gamle Dreamweaver ble flyttet over til Drupal resten er nytt innhold og bilder.

New Site - Dr. Jessica Ray Mediawiki


Wiki (Mediawiki) system installed to provide a scientific tool for documenting microbiological research

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