By webmaster, 25 March, 2023

Time for another PHP talk. Mars 28 2023 we are going back to basics, and talk about the PHP type system. The type system have been through a lot of improvement in PHP 7 and the current PHP 8 —versions. The type system will for free give us a lot of help exposing errors but also help static analysers find weaknesses in the code base. Yeah, it is time to go back and re-learn some basics.

By steinmb, 1 July, 2021

The past year the university of Bergen have been my main customer, and when digital development department at the university where looking for a PHP, Drupal, Java and system developer it was quite natural to join them. About 50% of my time will be used on the National Infrastructure for Cultural History and Tradition Archives (SAMLA) project until the end of 2024.


By steinmb, 1 April, 2020

CLARINO+ is a Norwegian funded three year project (2020-2023) at the University of Bergen. Some of my time will be going toward this project, making sure CLARIN are getting data from the ELMCIP database. Within this period we also hopes finding time to upgrade ELMCIP from Drupal 7 to 8 or 9 though the budget is limited.