Not dead, just pining for the fjords

By steinmb, 16 May, 2013

So I'm not dead. Just been to lazy or stressed out to write anything on my own blog. I'm still here and I'm still working full time with Drupal. I joined the University of Bergen, which is the second biggest university in Norway, in the end of February 2012 for a two/three year Drupal project. My ability to take on new projects have been temporary reduced. By all means, I have not stopped taking on other projects. I try squeezing in a few in when I can, then I find new projects both fun and existing. Nice breaks from the big system we are building at the University.

Looking back on my blog and I feel that I only blog flying in to the next Drupalcon. I that way is this quick update right along those lines a few days away from Drupalcon Portland though I just realized I did non of those things during Drupalcon Münich.