S. M. Bjørklund (steinmb) er en Norsk Drupal utvikler, themer og Drupal generalist. For tiden er jeg basert i vakre men regnfulle Bergen.

New Drupal site - Kunnskap krysser grenser

Drupal based site. http://kxg.no is an organization working with enabling people tapping into knowledge from even remote locations blurring the borders. “Kunnskap krysser grenser” translate into “Knowledge across the border” in English.

The site is quickly built levering Drupal 6, Views & Panels and are lacking a unique design then the project is still in phase one and will continue to evolve with the research project.

Find out more about this project by attending this falls conference IT Forum. http://kxg.no/arrangement/it-forum-2010-kunnskap-kryssar-grenser

New Drupal site - De Heibergske Samlinger

Actually this is almost “old news” then this Drupal site have been up and running for almost a month. De Heibergske Samlinger is an museum site and the first of multiple sites getting ported into Drupal from older systems administrated by the county of Sogn og Fjordane

The Heiberg Collections – Sogn Folk Museum is one of the oldest and finest folk museums in the country. At this museum you can experience how people from Sogn have worked and lived, from the Middle Ages until the present time.

Bergen: Drupal 102 talk

Doing a talk on Drupal on 11'th of May. HackBergen 102 is building on the first beginner class (101) held a few weeks ago.

This evening I'll be popping the hood and digging more into details of the Drupal core and building sites using more advanced functions provided by 3 party modules.

Drupalcon Paris 2009 pictures

Not making it to Drupalcon SF 2009, gave me time to go back and flip through old pictures from Drupalcon Paris 2009. Hell I even managed to upload them to Flickr!

NYC Chinatown

Chinese new year in NYC with good friends.

Help Mozilla Firefox 3.6 save a lemur

Make the web better, save a lemur

Make the web better, save a lemur.
Did you know that Firefox 3.6 is code-named Namoroka? Help support Madagascar’s Namoroka Park, home to some of the world’s cutest lemurs.

We just donated money to this project, now it is your turn to help out.



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